Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Librarians and tagging

Anne Welsh has echoed one of the points I made in a previous post Enterprise 2.0 - same problem, different platforms on her blog about the need to leverage libarians skillsets in relation to tagging: Letting Our Skillsets Be Leveraged.

It seems Steven Dale has also picked up on what I said, and has issued something of a challenge to librarians out there.

Maybe I'm reading the wrong blogs, but my perception is that most Librarians remain wedded to structured, corporate categorisation and file management systems, and haven't yet grasped that the world is changing around them. Sorry if I'm over-generalising, but I've seen very few articles/comments/blogs from Librarians in support of social bookmarking.

Someone prove me wrong?

Will the librarians out there rise to this challenge I wonder and take up the opportunity to showcase the great work that's going on in the area?


Anne Welsh said...

Hi Helen

Thanks for highlighting the Dale post.

Have given him a link to the folksonomies links we're gathering on C&I blog.


Stephen Dale said...

Feeling rather humbled by the response to my original blog. Just to be clear that I do hold Librarians in the highest regard, and indeed look to them for developing some best practice in the area of personal tagging. I still think they could make a bit more noise about their involvement though. :o)