Friday, 8 June 2007

CILIP Blogging from the Backroom event - the many uses of blogs

Sadly I'm posting at 9.30 pm on a delayed GNER train from London, which has charged me £5.00 per hour to log on to what appears to be a Dutch ISP, I suppose I've learnt a wee bit which might be useful one day - Visa Blogg apparently is "view blog", "Redigera inlägg I think is "edit posts"...

The journey was worth it though - the CILIP event was great. Some very interesting presentations. Of particular note for me was a session by the Home Office on how they review news stories and , particularly how many feeds and blogs they read. They review 3,000 google feeds a day!

Their mission, to identify issues within their remit ie immigration, as well as what is being said about the Home Office. It was interesting to see the effect David Blunkett's resignation had on THOSE stats... But 3,000!!! I manage about 3 if I'm really focused. The skills required for analysing that much data and information are phenomenal! Maybe one day we'll all (have to) become that proficient at sifting through information.

See Alertinfo, with it's strapline "Crime, Justice, Society" for the fruits of the Home Office's labour.

Thanks to the very interesting Anne Welsh from Drugscope for inviting me to speak and for entertaining me after the event.

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Anne Welsh said...

Hi Helen

Thanks for an excellent presentation yesterday - really thought provoking and a different perspective for us library types.

Sorry to hear about your delayed journey home. Why are we so bad at transport in the UK?