Friday, 9 November 2007

Facebook more popular than football and porn

I know it's sad, but I really love stats and graphs...and have been having some fun tonight playing with the fabulous Google Trends.

Having mucked about with it a bit, I realised you can do comparison trends, and obviously after a glass of wine or two, I thought I'd see just how popular social networking sites really are, as everyone I meet now seems to have a presence on Facebook.
According to UK searches on Google, Facebook is now a more popular search item than football, holidays or porn! Here's proof...
In the US, Time magazine even agrees that Facebook is more popular than porn.

I'd love to see some stats on the level of usage of different available on Facebook, to more fully understand how people are actually using it, considering you can do anything from fling food at one another, to fighting vitual wars (which I know too well, being as I am, addicted to Warbook), to collaborating on group projects and sharing information. I'm sure someone somewhere will be starting a thesis on the use of Facebook but knowing what it is that has made Facebook so popular that as a search term, it's ranks more highly than porn and football will give us a real insight into how we might leverage online social networking for business advantage.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy it for what it is, good fun, excellent for connecting with likeminded people and really very useful for keeping in touch with people I rarely see, even if it is just sending them virtual G&Ts.


Rafael said...

Hi Helen,

you know? I have your blog among my feeds from few months back. I like the informal tone which you craft it with. And congrats for posting regularly (that's challenging for me!)

This last post is funny. My contribution is that maybe "football" and "porn" are too general keywords to be a search query unlike "Facebook". Even though, you touched a very good point. And I might save this fact in my mind, just in case ;). My thesis wasn't about Facebook (directly) but got quiet close (Web 2.0 for business aka Enterprise 2.0, roughly) so I am sure of someone else focusing on Facebook.

Stay aware of OpenSocial. Any bet from Google is to be expecting a great play.

Good luck in your future posting! a(and everything else)


Helen Nicol said...

Thanks Rafa...I guess that's what you call the manipulation of statistics...
Cheers for the OpenSocial hint...and if you'd like to share your thesis, I'd be really interested to see it...