Friday, 16 November 2007

Web 2.0 driving forward a different kind of customer relationship

As a Wiggly Wigglers wormery owner myself (I love my worms) I was interested to see this video of Wiggly Wigglers frontwoman Heather Gorridge, long term blogger and podcaster, on her creation and use of podcasts.

It's interesting that she emphasises the point that she only podcasts what she's interested in, that if people are interested in going with her, that's great, but if they're not, they should "listen to something else".

That's a brave attitude, and one that goes against marketing theory - the mantra "listen to your customers" is not one she's considering here. She's driving her own agenda, and people are following and not visa versa. That's what you can do with the internet - talk about what interests YOU and find that others share that interest. But a very different standpoint from a business I think...

Thanks to Rafa for commenting on my last post so that when I followed his link I found this video on
his blog (dontcha just love networks).

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Heather @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Hi Helen
Thanks very much for the mention, and I'm glad you love your worms. We do like them to go to good homes! In fact we are launching a "world first" - we think - where we are asking folk to send in their reviews/ ideas/ photos drawings for our next catalogue. It would be great to have your thoughts and indeed your readers ideas. I'll put in Heather's link
best Karen from Wiggly Wigglers