Thursday, 5 July 2007

Dissertation distractions

Running out of time to complete my dissertation, I realise that I'm having too much fun blogging, so have to focus focus focus on writing now...

I've discovered that a million things are actually have a priority over writing my dissertation, the top 5 being
  • Blogging (which is sort of writing my dissertation...)
  • How many people are reading my blog
  • How many things are happening that I can't go to because I'm writing my dissertation
  • Facebook (steals hours of life)
  • Considering my split ends
Posts are going to be sporadic, which is a shame, but such is life....


Rafael said...

I understand how that should be as I will be in the same position like you are now, but in couple of months.

Good luck with your dissertation, and tell us how it was.

Helen Nicol said...

Thanks Rafa, best of luck with yours also....