Friday, 25 May 2007

Working from home and the joy of blogging

It's Friday, and I'm working from home to avoid the commute from Sheffield to Leeds, particularly to avoid the train - a huge incubator full of germ ridden suits. I really need to kick this cold! It's over a week since I could breathe.

There's still a decidedly chilly reaction to my decisions to work from home, and I know why, but I honestly get more done at home. I start earlier, as I have no commute, no need to get dressed (yes, I work in my dressing gown until about 11am) and I stop later, as I've no need to catch that train and I can cook and work at the same time in the evening. It's great. I seem to have far more time at home to sit and ponder, reflect, generally gather my thoughts than I do at work, where there is constant distraction and a not very comfy chair.

My ponderings today were primarily around how useful this blog has been for helping me formulate my thoughts on my dissertation. It's also been great for helping me reference interesting and helpful blog posts and articles. I just need to link to them, and they're there for ever. Much more fun than just making lists on email, they actually come to life for me. As Chad says in his post on blogging for new bloggers...

"Putting your thoughts out on blog is great for you (writing really helps clarify thinking) and its great for others who might learn from what you have to say, or who see that you’re wondering about something and either have the answers, or often a different perspective on the topic."

A good point well made.

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