Thursday, 29 October 2009

"Cross that you little bastards and you die..."

Thanks to David Gurteen (again) for pointing out this particularly brilliant explanation of complexity theory by Dave Snowden, using the analogy of a party for a group of 11 year old boys...


Infonomics Consultant said...

Hi Ms. Nicole,

Nice to have visited your blog. Thanks a lot to your ideas on knowledge management. Just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful blog! I used to stay in Midlands 3 years agom but now reside with my wonderful family in Dubai, UAE!

Matthew Loxton said...

Lovely blog Helen and a real treasure trove of things.
Incidentally, whenever I get the "human factors are fluffy" I correct them and explain that what they really mean is "spiky", like coral. ;)


Infrared Home Diagnosis said...

Great blog Helen.

I can totally relate to this post after just hosting a party for one of our children.

While the wife selectively chose all the ordered kids, I was placed with the complex team which gave me no choice but to say;

""Cross that you little bastards and you die...""

In a polite kind of way of course!!!