Friday, 15 May 2009

Twitter - the epitome of knowledge sharing

Well I'm gobsmacked. All my pontificating about Twitter and Microblogging has not been in vain. I've been on Twitter since 2007 when there were about what seemed like 9 people on it, and now, well... @valdiskrebs (twitter persona) has made me think very differently...

If I'd have posted a link on there in 2007, there would have been little interest - you know why? Because NO GOOD SEARCH was available. And what's useful about the internet? THE SEARCH FACILITIES - I know I'm shouting, but my god has no-one realised yet? Whatever you do, whereever the next "big" thing is, its all about the search"!"!!!!!!!

If its 2 way communication or not, GET A GOOD SEARCH ENGINE ON YOUR INTRANET!!!!!!
Social media is lovely, giving people a voice is fantastic, but if they can't find what they're looking for, you've eff star star kayed it.......

So there. (and no Maxine, still no jokes...but does that make it boring?)


Valdis Krebs said...

thanks for the link... wow, my name gets misspelled frequently but never like that! ;-)

Nick Milton said...

Yes, good Search is vital! I totally agree.

Also you need to make sure the content that you find is quality stuff; helpful, usable, not out of data or unvalidated, because the best search will be abandoned if all the results are unhelfpul.

So also you need to make sure you have the processes and the accountabilities and the behaviours to renew the content, and to collect new knowledge from experience, and to discuss the knowledge among the communities so the explicit knowledge doesn't start to drift away from the tacit knowledge.

So that means you need a link between the communities and the knowledge base, and that means ... (and so on!!)

Ultimately, I believe you have to think of this all as a big interconnected system, with a set of technologies, a set of accountabilities, a set of processes, all sat within a framework of governance, all with an eye to maximising the value of collective experience and know-how

Sorry for the sermon! Enjoying your blog, by the way!!

Helen Nicol said...

Sorry Valids....twas wine based dyslexia ;-)