Thursday, 27 November 2008

Value Network Mapping and Analysis - the way forward?

For some considerable time now I've been wondering if knowledge management is really the way forward. Many people either don't know what it is or relate it to a particular business area, for instance IT or HR and having boxed and labelled it, ignore it. So I've been searching for a way to find a practical application which would float the respective boats not only of the HR and IT afficionados, but also the CEOs of the world. I considered Lean, Six Sigma, Social Network Analysis, all which felt like there was something missing...but I'm struggling to find anything wrong with Value Network Analysis.

Like social network analysis, value network analysis maps relationships but using roles rather than individuals. The value associated with role interrelationships, both tangible (ie exchange of goods, services, revenue) and intangible (ie knowledge and benefits) is mapped and analysed to identify where there may be more value, tangible or intangible, and to highlight what is required to achieve the most value from the area of business being examined. It seems simpler and broader in scope than IDEF mapping and by virtue of the emphasis on role, appears to be less sensitive to the bias found in the individual focus of social network mapping,

I definately think it deserves fuller examination and I'll write more on this when I've processed and digested what it really means to me and potentially to my organisation, but for the time being, check out - not just a sales site, there are some great tit bits (love that phrase) which help explain what value network analysis is all about. Some pretty impressive clients there too. Check out this article (which can be accessed from the Value Networks site too) demonstrating the technique in relation to Journalism, and this relatively scathing (but quite possibly valid) comment on change management.

Are you a fan of VNA? If so, tell me more...


Unknown said...

Hi excelent note,

I'm looking for information about the Value Network, but I have a dude.. Here in my country (Peru) there is a concept named Value System.. Do you know about it? are VN and System Value the same? What Relation are between Value Chain and Value Network?


Unknown said...

I highly appreciate your article about VAN.
Im doing my PHD in aerospace VAN, in particular how can I secure knowledge management into this VAN..
As much as I read articles about VAN, as much I think more and more how can we create a regional VAN or even more a global VAN.
There are just ideas that I have:)
The problem there is a lack of materials treating the VAN, and even those existing are based on Verna Allee works. So let me ask you if we can exchange our ideas about this topic, cuz it gonna be a great opportunity for me:)
Thx so much.

Helen Nicol said...

Aaron - sorry I've not come across Value System. The Value Chain and Value Networks are different ways of representing organisational value.